The Evolution of the Tech Labour Market – Story of Software S03E15

Ian Brady, Head of Talent Acquisition for EMEA & APAC at Zoom, talks about global market trends, the impact of AI, and the evolving demand for skilled talent in the tech industry.


The Guest – Ian Brady, Head of Talent Acquisition for EMEA & APAC at Zoom

Ian Brady is the head of talent acquisition for EMEA & APAC at Zoom, the household name for video conferencing. Ian has extensive experience in remotely leading talent acquisition teams within multinational corporations across the globe.


The Current and Future State of the Tech Labour Market

Contrary to what the headlines might suggest, the tech industry has weathered many storms, and it’s not just surviving; it’s thriving. Despite the so-called recession, when we look at the data, job opportunities are still outpacing available talent by a considerable margin. Especially, when we look at the booming sectors within tech such as AI – the demand for engineers is skyrocketing. So, is the tech industry truly recession-proof? What secrets lie behind its resilience during economic downturns?

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The effects of global economic conditions on the tech labour market
  • How certain sectors and regions experience more growth than others
  • The increasing demand for AI-related skills


The Changes in Applicant Behaviour During Uncertain Times

It is true that during uncertain times people become more cautious about changing jobs, and we are seeing this trend in the already hard-to-get developer market.

Even though the industry is thriving as a whole, many people heard of the layoffs by big companies in the recent past and had colleagues who left for better jobs, only to face layoffs shortly after. So, how are these highly demanded applicants rewriting the rules of the recruitment game today, and how are recruitment teams coping with the increasing difficulty of hiring and retaining talent?



How do you go about creating a healthy team identity, and ensuring effective collaboration between your remote team members?

Clear communications gets everybody on the same page, so it has the impetus then to limit negative morale… People want remote work, but ultimately by nature we crave connections and those connections are extremely important to get buy-in to your team, buy-in to the company that you’re working for, and to feel and believe in that mission.



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