Where Does Design Happen – Design Talk (dot IE) by Allen Higgins

Our CEO and podcast host, Padraig Coffey, was invited to join a stellar podcast called Design Talk (dot IE) to explore what design means in the context of consulting.


Design Talk (dot IE):

Design Talk (dot IE) is a podcast about design in-the-wild:
The good, the beautiful, and the useful.

Uncover the essence of design, the backstory to the design of objects and technologies, and how we manage design initiatives. This podcast is for anyone who cares about the things we make and use, and digital things in particular. After all, we are all involved in some way with designs and designing.

Some of the questions answered in this episode include:

  • How do you become a consultant, and what do consultants do?
  • Do you ever admit the limits of your knowledge?
  • How do you handle the politics of being a consultant?
  • What for you is the essence of design?
  • Where does design happen in consulting projects?


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The Story of Software Podcast is produced by Zartis. We hope you enjoy listening to this tech podcast and feel free to share any feedback with us: podcast@zartis.com


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