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Our software consulting services

Software Architecture

Benefit from tailored software architecture consulting services designed to solve your problems, and deliver the results you wish for. Our technical experts can determine the pain points and bottlenecks in your existing architecture, and propose structural changes and improvement strategies.

Process Improvement

Our software experts can deliver a systematic approach designed to enhance business and software development processes. Structure your teams & handover processes to enable a truly agile way of working. With our help, you can adopt new approaches that give you a competitive edge & increase ROI.


From optimizing deployments and release processes to CI/CD, our DevOps consultants have experience in all areas of the SDLC. With their help, you can introduce new processes, automate existing ones, and re-structure engineering teams to achieve more effective software development.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Our QA experts work across different industries & technologies. Our goal is to ensure that you design fully automated, error-free, and trackable systems. Depending on your needs, we can also deliver testing strategies as well as provide monitoring and testing tools suggestions to ease the initial setup.

Innovation Outsourcing

Leverage software development expertise in state-of-the-art technologies and practices. Achieve true digital transformation while saving resources. Our consultants will help you cut down on planning and design resources and speed up your development with a clear roadmap. 

Software Infrastructure

Receive a detailed infrastructure audit, and understand how to optimize your systems. Our development consultants can advise you on modern practices and developing scalable systems. Discover your options and the migration strategies to achieve the improvements you wish for.

Information Architecture (IA)

Our development consultants have strong expertise in the structural design of shared information environments. Help your users navigate through your product to find and process the information they need. With a proper information architecture, you can label, search, and navigate through information easily.

Software consulting with Zartis experts

With 250+ engineers across the world, our software consulting services can help you find solutions quickly, decrease your time to market, modernise your tech stack or empower you to make the right architectural choices.

How it works


Discovery & Business Analysis

Our experts design workshops to learn about your business and your problems. We deliver an analysis on the current state of software efforts and identify any areas needing improvement.


Collaboration & Solution Delivery

Our consultants work with your team through daily & weekly meetings to stay aligned as we develop a plan with clear steps to follow and implement.


Further Analysis & Improvements

Whether it be perfecting the plan, providing further consulting and coaching the internal team, or delivering additional resources, we've got your back.

Here's what we did for their business. What can we do for yours?

software consulting and software development outsourcing for Dropp

Dropp specializes in last mile delivery. We worked on designing a technical roadmap for Dropp, to enable building scalable, tested and secure software.

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Minimize the resources you need to start hiring and producing software.

Uphold Security

Work with experts who put an emphasis on security. We’re ISO 27001 certified.

Increase Quality

Access bullet-proof and state of the art software solutions.

Keep Innovating

Stay up to date with modern development best practices.

Get industry-specific expertise

Technologies we work with

Reach your business goals with future-ready software solutions.

  • Get strategic advice

  • Improve development processes

  • Modernize legacy software

  • Enable large-scale migrations

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide consulting services in the areas of software architecture, infrastructure, business process optimization, and modernizing legacy applications. Some examples of projects we have been involved in include creating MVPs for entirely new products, optimizing existing systems and processes for scalability, re-engineering legacy systems to bring them into the new world.

We have provided software consulting and development projects across multiple industries including fintech, logistics and fulfillment, edtech, medtech, renewable energy, ecommerce, automotive, travel and media technology. We understand the different demands of different sectors, including the heavy regulations and compliance requirements on some. To that end, we are ISO 27001 certified and put a strong focus on security and compliance.

We work on a time and material model with daily rates. You only pay for the time our experts dedicate to your needs. Depending on your needs and requirements, we can set up the consulting collaboration on an on-going part-time basis or as a shorter, fixed term consult. We can provide a rough estimate as to the amount of time and resources we foresee your requirements will take.

The duration of a software development consulting project can vary depending on your needs and requirements. There is no minimum time commitment requirement for our consulting collaborations, which vary from a few working days to several months on an ongoing part-time basis.

We have deep expertise across most common technologies, including, but not limited to Javascript/Typescript (React, Angular, NodeJS), .NET, Java, Python, Scala, Golang and deep expertise in cloud technologies, including AWS and Azure.

Here are the three areas we believe make us a good company and a good partner.

Our Technical Expertise and Flexibility

Our team of subject matter experts, led by our CTO, have expertise across a large range of technologies and sectors. We understand the requirements, both technical and cultural, of a small company building an MVP are different from those of a large multinational, trying to modernize or consolidate its technology stack. We understand the regulatory requirements of some industries, which must guide technological decisions. We aim to understand your needs - current and future - and set up a collaboration that will ensure we bring the most value to your business.

Company Values and Culture 

We only take on good clients with interesting projects, who believe in treating people respectfully, and who focus on working to high standards. Engineers like working at Zartis, as evidenced by our 4.9/5 rating on Glassdoor after 80+ reviews. In the eleven years we have been in business, we have consistently worked hard to live up to our values, and to continually improve as a company.

We Tell the Truth

In case there is an issue -  a problem, a delay, a setback, we work actively to solve that issue collaboratively with our customers. We have a lot of trust from our clients, not because we are perfect, but because we believe in being upfront, and not hiding small problems. This makes it easy to partner with Zartis, and is one of the reasons that our customers stay with us for the long term.

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