Success Story: Comparis + Zartis

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About Comparis is Switzerland’s leading online comparison service. At, consumers can quickly and easily compare tariffs and services from health insurance companies, insurance companies, banks and telecommunications providers. In addition, the company maintains the largest marketplace in Switzerland with around 300,000 advertisements for real estate, cars and motorcycles. With over 26 million visits last year, is one of the most popular Swiss websites.

grow software development capabilities

the need

Several Comparis teams were looking to increase the number of engineers available to them through the use of a nearshoring provider, particularly in the areas of React and .NET development

The goals of partnering with an outsourcing firm were to achieve a greater level of flexibility in the scaling of the company, as well as gain access to a larger talent pool than that which was initially only available locally in Switzerland.

team of 3 extended software developers

the zartis team

Zartis was able to quickly put together a team of 4 dedicated developers, working remotely from Spain and Poland, within the same time zone as Comparis’ in-house team. 

The Solution

Seamless integration

The 4 Zartis software engineers are spread across two separate teams at Comparis. They work as a seamless and highly integrated extension of the existing teams, attending standups and following company processes.

Full-stack expertise

On the frontend side, the Zartis engineers are able to bring in expertise across React, Typescript and server-side rendering with NextJS.

On the backend side, our engineer brought expertise in .NET Core, microservices and cloud platforms such as Azure.

The Results

increased productivity

increased Productivity

Working in same or similar time zones

continuous software improvement

continuous improvement

Experience with state-of-the-art technologies

b2b outsourcing services among 2 businesses

Flexible Collaboration

Matching the needs and structure of each team

long term collaboration

ongoing success

Ongoing and gradually growing collaboration

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