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About eduBITES

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eduBITES is dedicated to make learning happen through the intelligent repurposing of knowledge, engaging content, progressive technology and meaningful didactics. They design learning experiences from scratch to deliver the most recent, cutting edge learning content in bite-sized chunks.

They offer highly specialised, interactive, job-related programs, backed with university certificates.

about the project

eduBITES' need



As a forward-oriented university seeking to adjust to the changing demands of the educational sector, eduBITES wanted to create an online education platform.


Platform development

To achieve fully online and remote education, eduBITS offered fully accredited degrees entirely taught through video lessons. The project has been developed from scratch.

The Zartis team

Zartis was able to assemble a team of 3 engineers within a matter of 4 weeks – some more specialised in Backend or Frontend, but all with full-stack skills.

The three engineers were fully dedicated to the eduBITES team.


about the project

The solution


Considering notice periods in Germany are often around 3 months, we were able to assemble a team of dedicated software developers 3 times faster than it would have taken to hire a team in-house.


The Zartis team were able to offer expertise and help where needed and adapt to the needs of the project, from helping to modernise a legacy system from WordPress to React with Gatsby and Contentful to developing a complex new functionality from scratch in React, AWS and Lambda.


Additionally, our team was able to quickly pick up and work with new technologies where needed, including learning Flutter on the go.

The results


Increased expertise

Provide expertise with new technologies (React, Lambda, AWS, Python)



Learning on the go where needed (e.g. Flutter)


Faster deployment

The team was in place 3 times faster than it would take hiring directly

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