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Zartis helps refugees find work in Ireland’s tech sector

IT services company, Zartis, is launching a new social initiative to help asylum seekers and refugees find professional roles in Ireland’s tech sector. The initiative, called Level Up, involves identifying highly-motivated candidates, providing them with free online training, and introducing them to potential employers.

There are not enough IT professionals in most countries to meet the rising demand. Ireland is no exception. Helping an asylum seeker or refugee enter the tech sector will help local companies grow, help our economy grow, and greatly benefit the individual’s social and economic integration.

Initially Zartis is looking for candidates with strong communications skills to avail of two scholarships for a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. The scholarships are kindly provided by the Digital Marketing Institute and cover all course and certification fees which usually cost €1750. The course is delivered entirely online so candidates can be based anywhere in Ireland.

The course provides an introduction to key digital marketing specialisms, from mobile marketing and social media marketing to Email marketing, Pay Per Click marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

On completion of the course Zartis recruiters will work with the candidates to improve their interview skills and introduce them to potential employers.

Level Up is funded and operated on a voluntary basis by employees of IT recruitment firm Zartis.com. There is no cost to the candidate or the employer. Our partners, such as Digital Marketing Institute, also kindly contribute without reward.

About the candidates

Candidates need to be refugees or asylum seekers located in Ireland

Must have excellent written and spoken English

Be strongly motivated to learn and succeed professionally

Have a demonstrable interest in software development or online marketing

About the project

We believe there are many refugees who could make a positive contribution to the skills shortage in Ireland.  Level Up aims to provide focused training and help in connecting ambitious professionals with tech employers. This is a not for profit, industry-led initiative from Ireland’s tech sector.

How to apply

For the online marketing scholarship apply here.

A scholarship for software development will be announced shortly.

How you can help

You can help by Liking or Sharing this message on social media so that the best potential candidate’s hear about it.

We’re also looking for companies who will commit to interviewing Level Up graduates for a minimum salary of €30k per annum. If your company is interested we’d love to hear from you.

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