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Top Skype interview tips that will change your life – forever

So you’re in Dortmund but your prospective job’s in Dublin? No problem. Skype interviews are becoming the increasing interlingua franca of tech companies nowadays.

But while the convenience of a Google-Hangout can save you an air-fare, the stress of dodgy internet connections or cyber etiquette might leave you out of your comfort, as well as time, zone. Here are five tips straight from Forbes on how to nail your Skype interview.

1. Pucker up

Experts estimate that 90% of the cues we give off are non-verbal -– so even though you’re not being interviewed in person, you still should look pretty hot to trot. It’s generally seen as a good idea to scrub-up one or two notches above your general work attire – but it’s also important to be aware of your company culture.

If you’re interviewing for a pretty fresh start-up, appearing overly prim and manicured may make you seem too square to be hip. And while it may be tempting to go in commando – or the nude – from the waist down, maintaining a cohesive lower half helps your brain trip-switch into professional mode.

2. Practice

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. As with face-to-face interviews, a practice run through is a great asset for an actual interview. Ask a friend to have a quick-fire trial with you, record your answers, or seeing as you’re going all techie, record yourself on video and watch how you come across.

3. Feng Shui the crib

Hitting the right balance between prison cell and OCD clutter issues are key here. If you’ve got a home office, sweet: put a plant in the background, take down the print of “The Scream” and experts also recommend you remove any abundance of personal items such as photographs.

If you’ve a degree from Trinity in the background – well done, but we’re still undecided whether displaying that is seen as a plus or a minus.

4. Cheat your way to success

Many people actually prefer Skype phone interviews to video or physical option as you have the chance to have some notes on hand. You don’t have to use them – but just knowing you have a few friendly bullet-points to hand can help you clear your mind and help you relax.

5. Heuston, we have a problem

While a bad internet connection or a microphone not working might seem like your worst interview nightmare, you can guarantee that your interviewer has experienced it before so don’t panic.

Experts suggest any blips of bleeps should be initially pulled by the horns by addressing the problem and suggesting a quick call back. If anything, a cool head under the face of wifi adversity will be a chance for you to show how can take control of a mini-crisis.

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