The Characteristics of Great QA Engineers

software project planning and running usability tests as part of it

Building great software requires great QA engineers. Of course, you need talented product managers to build a roadmap, and talented developers to build the product – but without a top-notch QA consultant, the whole thing can be derailed. So what do you need to look for when you’re hiring a QA? The real deal cares […]

Hiring Hacks For Building A Diverse Team

diverse group of software developers working on a laptop

#Diversity Ultimately, your goal as an employer is to get as many different perspectives in the room as possible. Here are some suggestions for unlocking the potential of diversity in your team.   Get creative in how you recruit. Move beyond traditional means of recruitment and broaden your horizons – literally. – Write inclusive job […]

Innovation and Profitability: How Diversity Drives your Team

hole for welcome and achieving diversity at workplace and tips

#Diversity Having diverse people and diverse perspectives in a team is indisputably a good thing for any business. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between gender, ethnic and cultural diversity and profitability in an organisation. What’s more, diversity leads to innovation – a key ingredient for successful and sustainable technology businesses.  Yet remarkably, […]