Six Questions to Ask at The End of A Tech Job Interview

6 questions for software developers to ask the interviewers at the end of technical interviews

You’ve sailed through all the software development questions and impressed the panel with the details of your tech career to date. Whether you are interviewing for an in-house position or to join an outsourced software development team, you have one more chance to show them that you are the right person for the job. Now, […]

Redefining Candidate Onsite Interviews

4 software team members working on a consulting project on a whiteboard

Are you behind on your hires? We might just have the perfect hack to expedite things! Last week we did a different kind of hiring event with a client of ours, and we would like to share our experiences.  It all started when we sent a few cool profiles from Istanbul over to the client’s […]

Looking for a job in IT? Berlin should be your next stop.

Berlin brandenburger tor on a sunny day

Have you considered relocating for a new job? If so, you may want to add Berlin to your list because it has been on top of many lists for some time now! We have helped many candidates find jobs in the city but moreover, we ourselves moved here for the vibrant international startup and IT […]

Six reasons why working at a smaller company can help your tech career

hiring for tech

#Career in Tech Here are the 6 reasons why working at a smaller tech company might just give you the competitive advantage you need to advance your tech career quickly.   1. Do more, sooner At smaller companies, lower staff numbers and a start-up atmosphere will see you exposed to a wide variety of projects […]

Productivity slump? How to get the most out of your week

hands and laptops of software developers at a wooden desk shot from bird's eye view

#Productivity As the year’s end and the holidays season close in, productivity is about to fall off a cliff for most tech companies. However, lots of tech companies want to squeeze a few more achievements out of the year, and if you’re in one of them, read on. Manage your time well This is probably […]

Five Tips for Building your Career as a Software Developer

software developer with headphones coding on two screens

#Career In Software Maybe you need a new challenge, maybe you want to earn more or work in a new country – whatever the motivation, taking your career as a software developer to the next level is about more than how many languages you can code in. IT companies today will assume you’re a fast learner […]

¿Por qué decidí vivir en Irlanda?

spanish and irish footbal fans cheering together

Hello Everyone!   Mi nombre es Vanesa. Soy de Alicante, pero hace ya casi 8 meses que llegué a Cork (Irlanda) por motivos laborales y me gustaría compartir con vosotros mi experiencia en el país. Me encanta viajar, vivir en diferentes lugares, conocer otras formas de ver el mundo y a personas de todas partes. […]