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Looking for a job in IT? Berlin should be your next stop.

Have you considered relocating for a new job? If so, you may want to add Berlin to your list because it has been on top of many lists for some time now! We have helped many candidates find jobs in the city but moreover, we ourselves moved here for the vibrant international startup and IT community. Here are the reasons that attracted us and continue to attract our candidates. We hope it inspires you as well!

Berlin Is Pioneering Tech in Europe

Did you know that among all other things Berlin is considered to be the Bitcoin capital of Europe since 2013?[1]  The city’s entrepreneurs are taking the lead on not only fintech but in digital-health, insurtech, wearable tech and more. Moreover, there are endless conferences and summits where you can witness and test the latest breakthroughs.


Open Source Research for the IT Community

Not only there are many opportunities in the city to witness the breakthroughs – you can take part in them or make use of them. Being highly populated with young entrepreneurs as well as research institutes and universities; the IT community in Berlin is all about sharing. There are even institutions whose only purpose is to foster open sharing.


Working with the latest tech

All is well when you need new ideas and want to collaborate but we know one of the biggest pain of software developers are having to deal with old tech and mindsets. Lucky for you, Berlin is rather fast in adapting to changes! As it usually is, startups keep the beat of the latest technologies and big firms here are looking to keep up with the all-so-flexible startup scene. So, you could say most companies are striving to stay current!


Local Berliners?  Rare Commodity

Being not only the IT capital but also the culture capital of the country, Berlin is the most international city in Germany. There is a constant flow of settlers and visitors and people are so used to this scene that it is accepted as the usual. It is possible to live without having to learn German for years. When you come here, you will see that those “German stereotypes” we always hear, do not apply here!


One of the Cheapest Capitals

Give it to the fact that Berlin was divided into two in the recent history; the county’s big brothers have their headquarters in other cities. The economy here is mostly dominated by successful startups and it is not hard to guess why they were attracted to Berlin, right? As a startup the most pressing matter is to make two ends meet and to survive until you “make it”. Berlin offers not only cheap housing and offices but also the cheapest thrills for leisure! [2]


With all its perks, Berlin has a lot to offer for professionals looking for international experience. Get in touch with us if you would like to become a Berliner as well! Ping me at:

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