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5 Ways Great Branding Can Boost HR Success


How much does credibility play into your decision when you want to buy a service? For most people, the answer is: a lot.

If you are not one of those people who spends 10 hours on forums comparing reviews, your brain normally decides whether an offer is good within 10 seconds. Let’s imagine your company is providing the offer and see what could tip the scales in your favor.

These days, IT jobs are abundant and the buyers we chase are the Developers; we are all hustling to sell them the dream so they’ll make the change from another company or even another continent. You need to keep the buyer’s journey in mind and ask yourself:


How is your company culture appealing to Developers who receive on average 5 messages on LinkedIn daily?



Catch their attention at the first branding material

Consider reaching out to Developers by email or on different social platforms using your own branded material within the message. This could be done with some promoted material on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook and many other platforms – this may be their first exposure to your company culture and first impressions last.


Impress with your company culture

Having cool and consistent branding will allow others to take you more seriously simply because you seem to have your shit together. A unified presentation of your company’s culture and identity will put Developers at ease – stability is something they will consider early on in the decision making and having a great company culture helps that claim.


Impress with your company voice

If you are a big company with a corporate style, you need your communication to match it. If you are a startup, you want your company voice to reflect the entrepreneurial mindset. Considering you reach out to those candidates with similar backgrounds, they will be happy to see your company culture fits them already.


Take branding to the next level with your website

Your website is the Holy Grail of your branding. You can promote your branding in emails and social media but your website should embody all of your brand choices under one umbrella, with 100% authenticity. Keep it precise in wording, updated in style but consistent in main brand attributes.


Not just the look but the feeling of it all

Beyond the templates, the shapes, the colors and all the facade your team needs to convey the same feeling. What consolidates your consistent branding is a team that lives it. If you tell candidates you have an easy-going and friendly vibe, but a team member who doesn’t reflect such culture greets them, they will think you are trying to capitalize on buzzwords like entrepreneurial mindset and flat hierarchies.


In Conclusion

The bottom line is, just like all of us do on e-commerce websites, Developers now have the chance to lay out all options in front of them and see what appeals to them the most. Traditional advantages like new technologies and growth opportunities are considered a given, so we need to think at all times: what can we add on top?



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