Kohn Cormican from Jaguar speaking at Zartis autonomous vehicles event

Autonomous Vehicle Event #Drivingintothefuture

We hosted an event at the Embassy of Ireland in Madrid. #DrivingIntoTheFuture brought together engineers, developers, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders in the world of Technology.

We had three outstanding speakers who shared insights on the current state of the industry and what the future is likely to hold.

John Cormican, General Manager of Vehicle Engineering (Ireland), Jaguar Land Rover
Dr John McCarthy, Global Leader of Intelligent Mobility, Arup
Karim Mansour, Co-Founder and VP Engineering, SIGRA Technologies GmbH


The evening was introduced by Ireland’s Ambassador in Madrid, Ambassador Maguire and hosted by Zartis Chairman and Founder John Dennehy.


John Cormican shared an overview of Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) ambitions to drive innovative technologies and expand into new autonomous vehicle product lines. JLR opened a new Engineering Centre in Shannon in the West of Ireland, where the focus is on researching and building innovative technologies.

Our next speaker, John McCarthy of Arup, highlighted some of the challenges that business, government and society face as autonomous vehicles become more prominent. John also shared ideas on the questions we need to be asking (and answering) now, and how we can address challenges in the future.


Our final speaker, Karim Mansour of SIGRA Technologies, a Munich based startup, shared his experiences of building software for autonomous vehicles. Karim highlighted the limitations of traditional ways of building software for autonomous vehicles and highlighted how SIGRA are rethinking this approach.


The event was followed by networking over tapas and drinks on the terrace of ABC de Serrano.


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