Talking .NET 2020: An Online Conference for the .NET World

.NET conference

Talking .NET & C# A survey by Jetbrains shows C# is ‘the most loved programming language’ and Github ranks it among the top used languages and growing in popularity. With C# comes a rich and ever-growing ecosystem of technologies that enables smooth and efficient software development for any business case. At Zartis, we have a […]

Zartis Enters the Deloitte Fast50

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We were surprised and humbled to find out we were being considered among the fastest growing Irish technology companies when contacted by Deloitte a few months ago. Now that we have made the official ranks of the Fast50, with a spot in the top 15, we want to share our sense of accomplishment and gratitude […]

Autonomous Vehicle Event #Drivingintothefuture

Kohn Cormican from Jaguar speaking at Zartis autonomous vehicles event

We hosted an event at the Embassy of Ireland in Madrid. #DrivingIntoTheFuture brought together engineers, developers, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders in the world of Technology. We had three outstanding speakers who shared insights on the current state of the industry and what the future is likely to hold. John Cormican, General Manager of Vehicle Engineering […]

How Zartis can help you hire international IT talent in Berlin

Berlin river and Berliner Dom near the museum island

If there is one business fact that has always been true in IT recruitment it is that the demand is higher than the supply. And the gap is growing bigger. The economic crisis of a few years ago pushed a lot of IT talent from the hardest hit countries to the more stable economies. However, […]

Why Zartis is setting up in London

London night view with high tech yellow lights

Here’s why we chose London to be home to our fourth European office: London is a great place to live and work London has something for everyone. There were upwards of 300,000 tech meetups in London in 2016 alone – not to mention the non-tech meetups. Apart from a thriving tech scene, London has great […]

Security in Software Event

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With the increase of cyberattacks over the past years, building not only robust but secure software has become a top priority for most companies.