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Fintech Opportunity coming to Madrid

On the 2nd of April, the doors will open in Fenergo’s new office on Calle Goya, right in the heart of Madrid.

But who exactly are Fenergo, and what do they do?

Fenergo is an Irish Fintech software development company founded in 2009, and headquartered in Dublin. There are also offices located elsewhere in Europe (London and Wroclaw), North America (New York, Boston and Toronto), the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) and Asia Pacific (Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo) regions.

Fenergo develops software applications which are fully focused on financial services, and Fenergo’s Professional Services Division and R&D teams are solely committed to solving and addressing the challenges of client lifecycle management (CML) faced by institutional banks.

Some of Fenergo’s clients include Santander and BBVA, as well as BNP Paribas, and ABN-AMRO and the software is quickly becoming the industry standard for CML.

In 2015, Fenergo secured $85million in funding from Insight Venture Partners and Aquiline Capital Partners. This funding has helped increase the quality of Fenergo’s products and helped grow the company so that it can help financial institutions in every corner of the world in addressing the regulatory, entity data and onboarding challenges they face.

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Their office here in Madrid will open with 8 staff members initially, but the headcount will grow significantly in the coming months.

Employees will get to work on a cutting edge Fintech product, using the latest tools and technologies, and extensive training programmes are provided to employees through ‘Fenergo University’. There is also a very healthy work/life balance, which is boosted by Fenergo’s “Work from Home” policy.

Employee testimonial: Marta Cámara Conde

Marta moved from Spain to Ireland in 2015 to work for Fenergo. She has now moved back, and will be starting with the rest of the team here in Spain when the office opens in early April.

“Today, 3 years later, the company means to me a place to grow, a place where I have found great friends and excellent workmates, all in a very positive work environment.

Fenergo is an extremely exciting place to work, and I have experienced considerable growth over the last few years as there are lots of opportunities for everyone. 

Now, I am back home, working from Spain so I can have an appropriate work/life balance which is one of the top Fenergo values.”

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