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How candidates are a top priority at Zartis

Last month we had an amazing time at our company retreat in Malaga, Spain. We had a lot of fun but we also managed to catch up on some important topics! We asked our team; what makes Zartis different from other nearshoring or software outsourcing firms, and why should candidates want to work with us?

Here are some of the highlights!


Raquel García Salvador, Business Manager for Nearshore

“We treat candidates like people, not like numbers and we keep candidates fully informed throughout the hiring process. For those who are unsuccessful with a particular job application, we’ll reach out with other suitable job opportunities that come up in the future.”


Frank Leston, Talent Consultant

“Candidates very often have a bad view of recruiters. I think we differ from typical recruiters because we are very candidate-experience driven.  We take care of our candidates by providing them with feedback and don’t ignore them during the process.”


Vanesa Gelardo, Talent Consultant

“This is my first experience in the recruitment industry, so my knowledge here is limited but I keep talking to my friends that work in the IT sector and they are always complaining about the lack of responses and feedback coming from their recruiters. I feel that, at Zartis, we are expected to work in a candidate-first mindset. I had friends asking me if it is okay to send a message to the recruiter to see how the process is going and my answer is always the same: ABSOLUTELY YES. They actually should keep the candidate updated even if there is no feedback from the client. We all know how frustrating uncertainty can be! I strongly believe Zartis sets apart from other companies when it comes to candidate management.”


Colm Flood, Client Services Director

“Zartis actually started out as a tech company building a SaaS product before getting into recruitment, so we understand what makes developers tick and how development teams thrive. We know the roles that will excite candidates and where they will be able to excel.”


Finally, there was one answer that summed everything up. 


 Sonia García Löflund, Senior Talent Consultant

“In my opinion, what sets Zartis apart is the fact that we care about individuals. Of course, we have KPIs and overall objectives, but the fact that we are allowed to focus more on quality than quantity is what ensures clients get what they are looking for. We are therefore able to give candidates the personalized attention they deserve – considering the important change we are helping them make in their lives.”

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