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Keep Your Spanish Developers Through Extended Teams

During the height of the crisis in Spain, wages for software engineers were stagnant, and opportunities were limited. Software development companies in Europe, more specifically in the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe started recruiting heavily from the Iberian peninsula, and it became more and more common to meet people called Raul, Sofia and Alberto in the hallways of tech firms in London, Dublin and Copenhagen.


Why Outsource to Spain?

Spanish culture is very family-oriented, and the reality is that the majority of those who moved will not stay permanently. This is leaving many companies in a situation where they have great engineers who, after a few years abroad, are starting to look homewards.  Therefore, software development companies in Europe are losing great people, and engineers are in many cases settling for lower quality jobs just to move back home.


Build Extended Development Teams in Spain

Some time back, Zartis began providing extended development team services to companies in Europe and the US. Some of these companies started working with us to create new teams from scratch – others came initially to solve this problem – how can we keep our Spanish engineering talent within the company without having to navigate the bureaucratic process of setting up a Spanish entity?

Through our nearshore extended development teams, we can provide your engineer with a permanent contract, payroll, and ensure all local compliance and HR regulations are adhered to. We can also provide office space if needed, and if things go well, we can help grow a team around your existing engineers.

It’s a simple solution to a problem affecting most software development companies in Europe. We take care of everything you need to have your engineer set up legally and productively in Spain. We are partnering with everything from SaaS product companies, fintech firms, through to medtech and Big Data specialists in this area. In case you have this problem, and would like to know more about how we can help solve it, feel free to get in touch!

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