How to Enable Sustainable Growth for Your Remote Engineering Teams

how to manage remote engineering teams

Demand for remote work is at an all-time high. Glassdoor reports that remote job searches in the U.S. grew by a staggering 460% between June 2019 and June 2021.  With 24.8% of all applications, the IT industry was the most popular sector for remote job seekers in June 2021. But what if you’re thinking of […]

3 Ways Onboarding Software Engineers Poorly Is Costing You

how to onboard software engineers properly

So, you’ve finally assembled a stellar team of software developers. Don’t be quick to pat yourself on the back just yet. Hiring talented employees is only half the work – the real challenge is retaining them. And your chances are pretty slim if you don’t know how to onboard software engineers. Onboarding software engineers poorly […]

3 Steps To Secure Your Company’s WFH Culture

secure work from home tips compiled by Zartis software team members

How to achieve secure WFH : When it comes to keeping your company secure, working from home (or WFH) comes with its own sets of challenges. Our Head of Operations, Laura Sanchez, wrote down some of the main measures we took to make WFH more secure for us. The infograph below gives actionable insights to […]

Hiring Hacks For Building A Diverse Team

diverse group of software developers working on a laptop

#Diversity Ultimately, your goal as an employer is to get as many different perspectives in the room as possible. Here are some suggestions for unlocking the potential of diversity in your team.   Get creative in how you recruit. Move beyond traditional means of recruitment and broaden your horizons – literally. – Write inclusive job […]

Six steps to remote work success

6 steps to achieve a successful remote work environment

#remote work Even though transitioning to remote work has its uncertainties, if you do it right you can easily adjust and succeed as a remote software team. You’ll need to know what pitfalls to avoid, and have high levels of self-sufficiency and the confidence to get things done without too much hand-holding. Here are our […]