Developer Interview: Insights for Distributed Teams

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#Distributed Teams Having a nearshore or extended development team is a great way to grow your company. We hooked up with Michał in Poland and Fernando in Spain who work with two of our nearshore clients in Ireland. We got their top tips for working in geographically distributed teams. We asked them: Q. What is the […]

Attracting Software Developers As a Tech Employer

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#Hiring Developers It seems the only thing you hear about these days is how tricky it is to move Developers to jobs. So, instead of sounding like a broken record, today we want to share our thoughts on how you can go that extra mile and become the more desirable tech employer in a crowded […]

Redefining Candidate Onsite Interviews

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Are you behind on your hires? We might just have the perfect hack to expedite things! Last week we did a different kind of hiring event with a client of ours, and we would like to share our experiences.  It all started when we sent a few cool profiles from Istanbul over to the client’s […]

How GDPR Affects Hiring

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As reassuring as EU-wide protection sounds for users, the implementation at the company level is another story. Especially if you are handling personal data.

What Developers Want

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As the demand for talented professionals in the IT sector is rising more than ever, the debate about what attracts talent has been getting steamier as well. Nowadays, we have to connect with international talent and get them onboard with relocating to where the jobs are. This has us thinking – it will really help […]

Improving the Recruitment Process

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There are a lot of bad experiences reported by candidates about recruiters and the recruitment process Where does this bad rep come from, and what are the ways that we can improve as recruiters when speaking to candidates and guiding them along the hiring process? To recruiters: “Please include the word ‘kitty’ in your message […]

How To Keep your Talent From Leaving

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If you read our “Where Tech Is Headed” series you probably came to the conclusion that companies are engaged in an all-out war for the best talent out there. Here at Zartis we have helped companies from startups with two staff to multinational tech giants, find the best candidates out there. We have even set […]