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As part of our research into the factors that drive growth for tech companies, we spoke with Bartosz Robaszewski from the company Look4App, a software consultancy specializing in Blockchain technology. Bartosz shared some interesting insights during our conversation.

Company Mindset:

First up came the topic of mindset. For Bartosz, the most important thing is to have a growth mindset, without obsessing about the numbers – if a company can focus on continually growing its capabilities and the quality of its offering, everything else will go well, including revenue and profitability. 


Team’s State of Mind:

Another nice aspect of our discussion was his sentiment that he likes the people he works with at a human level, and wants to see them succeed. To this end, he focuses on bringing high quality projects to ensure he will have happy, motivated engineers in his business. Investing in good, central office space has also paid off, with high levels of employee engagement and very low attrition.


Being There for Customers:

Liking your customers and wanting them to succeed is equally important from his perspective, and he makes it clear to clients that they are free to reach out to him in case of any major issues they wish to discuss. This level of dialogue also opens up the chance to identify opportunities for more collaboration or different projects, and ensures a company leader remains aware of what the market wants from service providers.


Right Market = Premium Share:

The final point of interest shared by Bartosz concerns specialization. From his perspective, the world is full of software houses and development consultancies, and what has really driven the growth at Look4App has been the decision to focus on Blockchain. That specialization has meant they do not need to compete on price with providers from Latin America and Southeast Asia, and can instead focus on providing a specialist, focused service and command a premium in the market.


We will continue to engage with CEOs and Founders of successful tech companies in 2020, and to share their insights with you. To date, we have interviewed a dozen CEOs for our research, and one common theme emerging is that company leaders who focus on the needs of others rather than their own are building great tech companies. Still not sure why? Check out the interview we did with Azuri’s CEO Simon!

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