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A Second Chance To Level Up



We are happy to announce that we are starting a second round for our social initiative Level Up. Level Up is a programme helping refugees and asylum seekers progress into full-time employment in the tech sector. 


About the project


We believe there are many refugees who could make a positive contribution to the skills shortage in Europe. LevelUp aims to provide focused training and help in connecting ambitious professionals with tech employers. This is a not for profit, industry-led initiative managed by Zartis in partnership with the Code Institute.

We have scholarships for 10 candidates to carry out an intensive online software development course at the Code Institute over five months.  


Open Invitation To Candidates In Ireland, Germany or Spain! 


About the candidates

  • Candidates need to be refugees or asylum seekers located in Ireland, Germany or Spain
  • Must have excellent written and spoken English
  • Be strongly motivated to learn and succeed professionally in the IT sector
  • Have a demonstrable interest in software development 


About The First Round Of LevelUp


10 students were selected for the Code Institute online Full Stack Software Development Diploma program. We are happy to say we are already seeing the results in lives changed. For example, one of our successful students is doing an extended 1 year Internship at HubSpot HQ in Dublin.

Two additional scholarships were granted in the area of Online Marketing in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland. The alumni have secured work in international hotel groups and more.

We have seen an inspirational response from companies wanting to help either with hardware support or employment opportunities in Ireland and this moved us to decide there has to be a second round for LevelUp. 




  1. Complete an online coding challenge. You can SIGN UP HERE!
  2. Once you sign up, you will receive an automated email with login details for the coding challenge.
  3. Upon successful completion of the coding challenge, you will be invited to fill out an application form explaining your motivation
  4. Interview with a member of the LevelUp team 


Problems accessing  the challenge? Feel free to reach out to Adnan, at adnan@zartis.com and he will help you get started! 


If you believe you have what it takes to complete an intense coding course in 5 months, we promise we will do our best to offer you solid opportunities in the job market! Sign up now and take a step to change things! 

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