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LevelUp 2021


LevelUp is a CSR initiative, organized by Zartis, aiming to upskill refugees and asylum seekers across several European countries, including Ireland, Spain and Germany. It aims to provide focused training and help connect ambitious professionals with tech employers. 

LevelUp is now confirmed for round 3! With successful graduates and even more promising opportunities, we have decided to keep LevelUp going and growing.

Software Development + Digital Marketing 

We started LevelUp in 2018 as a way to give back. We ran 2 successful programs so far and we have an alumni network of more than 20 graduates and multiple success stories in the software and digital marketing job markets.

For the third round of LevelUp, in addition to software development, we are extending scholarships for Digital Marketing courses as well. Our partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute during LevelUp 1.0 helped 2 aspiring professionals score amazing jobs in digital marketing. Thank you to the DMI team and great to have them onboard again.

One of our graduates, who started a career in Ireland at Starwood Hotels says, “Even mentioning such a course in my resume was great. This scholarship helped me a lot to attend several job interviews then at the end I succeeded in one”.

We did not forget the coders either. We are determined to continue with our quest to conquer the IT job market with fresh talent. The second round of LevelUp, which started earlier this year, has already allowed families to move from temporary housing into real homes with stable futures. 

One of our alumni, Syed is now working at Ericsson on an in-house traineeship program, which will be followed by a full-time career as a Software Engineer. Having attended the software development course at the Code Institute, our partners since the beginning of LevelUp, Syed says:

The team I will be working with uses Python and I had no experience in Python before I joined LevelUp. It certainly helped me understand the codebase. I think LevelUp definitely helped me get this job and would help me in my future career as well. Thank you so much.”

Do you want to make a positive difference? We’re looking for partners.

Two campaigns in, we have seen it work and we have seen the positive difference we can make. With the third round of LevelUp, we want to make it bigger, but also make it better.

We aim to partner with companies and provide them the chance to nurture their prospects while they get the necessary technical education from LevelUp. Meaning, you can access a secure pipeline of talent prepared to tackle your company’s specific challenges. 

With LevelUp, you can hire qualified talent to fill your marketing and development needs, while making a positive difference.

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