Gozde Dinc, former Zartis talent consultant

Meet one of our Talent Consultants: Gözde Dinç

Hi! I am Gözde. I am from Turkey and I hold a master’s degree in Work, Organizational and Personnel psychology and bachelor in Psychology. I have studied and lived in different countries; the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.

It is going to be my 3rd month soon at Zartis, Madrid office as a Talent Consultant. Up to now, I have learned how to work with many different cultures within a small environment; different ways of working every day. Moreover, I have learned the importance of patience and adaptability. The most enjoyable part of the job is the ability to make my own schedule to reach my targets, but also being held accountable.

Having worked in many different environments and countries before it is bracing to see a lack of “ego” at Zartis. It’s truly amazing how the team is able to collaborate, communicate and tackle issues. They are passionate and caring people. Being around these smart and dedicated individuals gives you a kind of a close feeling with them.

Mutual appreciation is another important element of the Zartis culture. We have weekly employee feedback meetings, where people can also highlight someone who really helped out that week. I must say it feels good to see your job recognized, and that’s not something that happened often in the big companies where I worked! The company appreciates how hard each of us works, and the employees appreciate the opportunity to work for such a forward-thinking company. And it’s a company which gives you opportunities, recognizes your work and cares about you. You’re not a number here, you are a person!

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