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On November 16th 2017, Zartis hosted its second event around trends in the Software Industry. After our successful event in Madrid, The DevOps Challenge, we are preparing another round with Security in Software in Dublin this time.

With a culture that is turning more and more technological by the minute, and the increase of cyberattacks over the past 5 years, building not only robust but secure software has become a top priority for most companies.

In our event, senior leaders from cybersecurity, fintech, banking and consulting, as well as some high growth startups, discuss the challenge of balancing performance with security when building great software.


Speakers & description of the topic

The event took place at the Westbury Hotel on November 16th at 7 pm.

Jason Kehl, Senior VP of Engineering, and Kevin Kennedy, VP of Product Management discussed how they use AI to bolster security for their clients.

Brian Dillon, Senior IT Architect, spoke about security considerations for financial services software. Threats, future challenges, and what can be done.

Romain Doumenc from the Effective engineering team will speak about how to build secure software and how teams with scarce resources can still deliver a good security story.

Alex Fereira will talk about information – helping people make sense of the new wave and breadth of security features Microsoft is adding to their cloud systems, and focusing on how that gets implemented in Office 365 and SharePoint for external secure sharing of information.

Although we have limited seating space, we will be video streaming the chat on software security through our YouTube channel, so stay tuned for any news through our different Social Media platforms.

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