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Vanesa Gelardo’s WOP-P Internship at Zartis

Our own Vanesa Gelardo was recently featured  in a newsletter by the Research Institute in HR, coordinated by the University of Valencia.  In the newsletter, she describes her experience in our Cork office as part of the WOP-P Master Internship Program.

Here’s what she had to say:

I can’t believe that a month had already passed since I’ve been immersed in this intimidating yet exciting “getting in the real world” adventure. Getting used to the amazing 24/7 rainy weather was hard and finding a place to live was even worse. However, it is incredible how fast I was able to find the “Spanish Fiesta”, which made everything easier. Jokes aside, Cork city is charming, and people are oddly warm for this freezing weather.

Zartis gave me the opportunity to become part of the IT Talent Acquisition world and so far, it has been very rewarding and challenging. Since, even weeks before landing in Cork and showing up in the Cork office, my team made me already feel part of them. My manager Ellen fully trusted my skills to do this work since day one and gave me the flexibility to organise the job in the way that best works for me, which I very much appreciate. Being in a small and safe environment has been great as it has given me the advantage of learning and progressing at a very fast pace. Besides, lunch and tea breaks with my colleagues are helping me to get used to this impossible and weird Irish accent (no offence).

In this short period of time, I believe I have already made important achievements for both my personal and professional experience. My daily tasks include studying and understanding the roles of new projects, searching for the right candidates in the IT sector for different projects; reviewing candidate’s profiles, CVs, and applications; talking over the phone with potential candidates; following-up with candidates; writing reports for clients, etc. I am fascinated by this job and I keep learning and improving every day by making mistakes, and watching and listening to my co-workers, who have more experience and knowledge and whose tips are really helpful. And now, if somebody asks me what a Fullstack Developer is, I am ready to answer ;). I don’t know what the future holds for me, but whether I keep professionally growing with Zartis or somewhere else in the WOP field, I am very grateful for the opportunity they gave me. I admire how ethical and professional people are here and their understanding of the big impact we have on people’s lives.

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