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We Succeed When You Succeed

To come to the above conclusion, as a  fast-growing outsourcing company, we had to dig deep. First, we tried defining what success meant to us but we quickly came to realize that our success depends heavily on the relationships we are building between clients and candidates.

So instead, we have started investigating what we actually think is for the best interest of candidates and clients when it comes to starting new relationships. We were in search of a universal answer that would help us shape the way we did (successful) recruitment and after relentless brainstorming sessions within our team, one of Zartis’ main ideals was decided!

Find an ideological and cultural fit – Find that unquantifiable but recognizable sense that a certain candidate will really work for a certain company, not just work for it.

Why cherish this value above all? Because, with the current hunger for tech talent and the abundance of qualified candidates profered by the globalisation of tech recruiting , there are multiple suitable candidates for any position – our task is to find that perfect match. But answers lead to more questions; what makes or breaks a perfect match? What complements technical compatibility and makes a job or a candidate irresistible?

Our customers need people who will stick with their business and internalize it like their own. Our candidates want jobs they can love, where they feel proud of their work and confident about the future. There will always be an abundance of choices but there will never be enough time or resources to start a new relationship without changing the way you were working. From integration and onboarding to setting up your life in a new country; every candidate needs extra time and effort to make the transition.  

With new beginnings come new ways of doing things, more things to adapt to and definitely more things to learn. For a candidate or a client this means spending time and energy on building a harmonious working environment, again and again. At Zartis, we envision teams for our candidates where they will have the shortest time integrating and the longest time enjoying their work.

When there is not only a technical fit but also a cultural fit between a candidate and a company; it becomes much easier for the candidate to start feeling at home. The more they feel at home, the more they open up at work. With the right ideological fit; it won’t be long, before a candidate becomes an advocate of the company where he works and will not be willing to jump overboard for the next opportunity. Just like in any human relationship, we base our choices on finding parallel mind-sets and perspectives for everyone.

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