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What Developers Want

As the demand for talented professionals in the IT sector is rising more than ever, the debate about what attracts talent has been getting steamier as well. Nowadays, we have to connect with international talent and get them onboard with relocating to where the jobs are. This has us thinking – it will really help for tech companies to know what attracts these talented professionals the most.

With this mission in mind we have gathered the most frequently asked questions by candidates, as well as the things that make them gasp when we are on a call with them. Hopefully this will help you understand the mindset of engineers who are considering international relocation.

The first thing we are usually asked by a candidate when we are on a call is the technology stack the company is using. Candidates want this information because it allows them to see if they will be able to build on the skill set they have. They also use the tech stack to interpret how innovative a company is. Companies need to strike a balance between using technologies that make sense from a business perspective, while also staying current enough to both attract and retain top talent.

The product is the second thing that comes in line. Companies, and the recruiters they engage, need to provide the information that highlights what is great about your product. If they have the right tech skills, candidates want to know where they will apply it. The thing to underline here; this is not a question of just capability but also interest. With the abundance of choices nowadays, candidates have the chance to work on a cause they like.

Almost every candidate is interested in knowing if they would get support with relocation and bureaucracy. This is because recruiting international talent means someone is about to leave their whole life and move to a totally new country for you. This can be quite an unsettling process and considering we reach out to them, it is only fair if they are offered some help to make it happen. Additional benefits would go a long way as well.

Company culture comes next in line! Professionals with some experience would already indulge in the luxury of waiting for a great cultural fit. Usually a good fit for developers means having a well functioning team, so flat hierarchies and communication lines have become one of the biggest priorities for developers who wish to work without big constraints.

You might have thought this would be at the top of the list but although it is still important, the contract type is no longer the decisive factor. Candidates value if yours will be a long-lasting relationship but they also know it is not too hard to start a new one in Europe nowadays.

So, what does all of these mean when put together? It would be correct to say that our target group is aware of their increased value and we have to be ever-more engaging and appealing to persuade these talented professionals to move half-way across the globe for us. We have to always stay up-to-date and keep the candidates updated on all matters. The clearer an image they get about your company, the more likely they will be to take a leap of faith with you.

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