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Why become a software developer in Ireland?

Check out some of the main advantages of relocating to Ireland to work as a software developer!

  1. The Language

In Ireland English is the main language of the country, and one advantage of working there is the opportunity to develop your language skills further in this area. Anything related to technology or science is done in English and you need to have an adequate level to start your career in Dublin or Cork. If you are able to have a proper conversation in English and you work in technology, Ireland is the place to be.

2. Technological epicenter

The most important technological companies have their European HQ in Ireland (Google, Facebook, Apple etc). Along with them very exciting local companies have grown with lots of success. Technologically speaking, Ireland is almost two years ahead of Portugal, when we talk about the frameworks, tools and technologies used in software engineering. They have the best and the newest technology available and they are always looking to advance.

3. Being part of the history

We are living inside the technological revolution. The different concepts we used to have, related to things like travel, consuming television or communication in general, are changing. We can stream any show we want on our laptop, tablet or smartphone anytime and anywhere. We are communicating in such a different way, everything is done with a click and we are becoming more technology oriented. Developers are needed to create and maintain these changes and their profiles are highly demanded, won’t you be one of them?

In Ireland you can have the chance to work with the most exciting companies in different sectors, from building software products and web applications, to consulting. In Ireland the best developers are needed and we are looking for them!

At Zartis we can help you in finding opportunities in Ireland, how to succeed in the interviews you might have and how to deal with things such as PPS number or opening a bank account in Ireland.

If you are interested in moving to Ireland we can help you!


You can send me your CV to to join us at the information session or to help you find your next role in Ireland.

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