Zartis – A New Brand and A Force for Change in the Software World

Zartis – Changing and Re-positioning 

It has been a great privilege for me to lead the Zartis team over the past number of years – it’s an organisation characterized by great people from whom I have the opportunity to learn from every day. It has been particularly gratifying to help drive the enormous change the company has experienced in recent times. I am proud to say that our entire team has collaborated enormously in shifting our market position and our brand identity to a place that is hugely beneficial, not only to the company itself, but also to our many clients. This fundamental change in the nature of our company has come about despite, and in many cases because of, the significant challenges we have encountered and dealt with along the way.

Over the past few months we have concentrated our efforts into repositioning our services in a manner that brings more clearly to the fore what really matters to us – People and Technology. In making this fundamental shift we have also developed our image in a manner that better reflects our new vision.

Zartis rebranding announcement as a software company


In the face of this new emphasis and this new image, however, it is important to stress that recruitment remains a key aspect of our overall service. It is vital that we continue to recruit the best people to provide that service for which we have become justifiably synonymous. Without recruitment and the People it supplies we cannot provide the Technology services that clients demand of us. Great People develop Great Technology!


Zartis – an IT Services Company 

The change and growth experienced over the past while has been truly phenomenal. From 16 Recruiters two years ago we have grown to over 120 personnel. In excess of 90 of these are Developers providing bespoke software development to 18 clients in six cities. These figures alone provide clear evidence that the nature of Zartis is morphing from solely a Recruitment company to a top-class IT Services company with an enviable well-oiled recruitment engine.


Zartis – the Future 

The recent past shows clearly what the future will be like. We will combine our forces and provide tech and recruitment services under one “roof”. We will continue to develop bespoke software to an increasingly discerning and demanding client base. With our new structures we will further scale our company sustainably and continue to grow Zartis into a top-class services company.

The future is very exciting for Zartis, and together with our colleagues and clients we can make it a very bright one!

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