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Why Zartis is setting up in London

Here’s why we chose London to be home to our fourth European office:

London is a great place to live and work
London has something for everyone. There were upwards of 300,000 tech meetups in London in 2016 alone – not to mention the non-tech meetups. Apart from a thriving tech scene, London has great music, art, theatre and sports, and is a foodies’ paradise.

London is booming
London currently ranks number one on the European Digital City Index and has a higher concentration of tech companies and tech jobs than any other city in Europe. This is reflected in the fact that London attracted more venture capital investment in 2017 than Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Madrid and Dublin combined.

London’s wealth of opportunity
Despite a growing tech scene, Brexit (apologies for mentioning the “B-word”!) has increased uncertainty for London and the UK. Predicting what happens once the UK leaves Europe in March 2019 is no easy feat.

One of our strengths as a business has been helping clients identify opportunities in times of turmoil. We opened our office in Madrid in 2014, when a few months earlier unemployment had peaked in Spain at 25% and the country was in the depths of recession. Since then we’ve helped clients from northern Europe and the US build engineering teams in Madrid and helped many talented engineers settle in or return to Madrid.

Most importantly…
We chose London in order to help clients in the UK explore their options to de-risk in the face of Brexit. Whether that’s by accessing new talent pools, hiring nearshore teams, or helping relocate their talented engineers back home to Spain or Poland, we’re on hand to help.

We also chose London to provide more options to the software developers we work with. The vast majority of our candidates are highly skilled, upwardly mobile software developers that want to grow their career in an exciting new city. We can now provide additional opportunities in London, as well as Berlin, Dublin, Madrid and Wroclaw.

If you’re a software developer looking for a new role in London please do contact us.

And finally, we’ll be hiring for our London office soon – watch this space!

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