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Codemotion : The Highlights of The Conference

Last week, like most of the tech community in Madrid, many of our team members were also at Codemotion. We have to say as a team, we really enjoyed the whole thing from beginning to end. Our colleague Leticia García Domínguez, who is a Senior Software Developer at Zartis, wrote about her experiences there as well as the highlights of the conference


Codemotion – A great opportunity to do networking and inquire about technology-related topics.


For a long time, doing an effective job in the tech sector required not only knowing about the languages, systems, methodologies and tools to use in our projects, but also knowing what we can do in a given situation/context, what are the possible solutions for the recurring issues (including both the pros and cons). If we don’t know, it is relatively easy to find answers and solutions by attending conferences and by looking into what our peers in different offices do.

Because of that, the 24th and 25th of September went by pretty fast at Codemotion in Madrid. Organized as if we were in a music festival, with posters designed to reflect this theme, we were able to choose from a timetable of six talks in which the speakers talked about methodologies, tools, implementations and more. More than just the talks, it was a great opportunity to meet some of our great colleagues and techies from the other Zartis offices.

From the talks I attended, I really enjoyed “Speeding Up Innovation” by Arun Grupta from AWS, where he explained a methodology and some tools based on microservices, with the objective of increasing the competitiveness of a company due to the deliveries and deployments being faster and more scalable. Álex Fernández, CTO of Influencity, also gave an interesting speech suggesting the need to be careful when considering the superiority of machines compared to humans, since we mustn’t forget that behind an incredible machine there is always a woman or a man who developed it.  

Maria Shoaib, Software Engineer at Ericsson, shed light on the dilemma between Go or Rust, being quite clear that Go keeps being the preferred one. We also got to see the expertise of our colleague Abraham Vargas, who won the Go development challenge by Codemotion. It was awesome to see how Lórien Doménech and Kneda (from Minsait and Hack 4ensic respectively) did a demo about what happens when you are vulnerable in cybersecurity. They used red team- blue team, as an example to show how a system can be infiltrated and how one could find who has infiltrated the system.

Vicenç García Altés, director of Craft Foster Ltd,  solved some doubts regarding the question “Is serverless technology mature enough for being used in production?”, and discussed the advantages and disadvantages, angels and demons.


In my opinion what is best about Codemotion is experiencing the generosity of the tech community to share their knowledge, and how the curiosity pushed all attendants to explore even more. 


Share the knowledge and may the force be with us until the next edition!

Leticia García Domínguez


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