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Why Do Scala Developers Stick With Their Projects?

We’ve been tasked with hiring tones of Scala Developers recently. And the fact that people who work with Scala projects never want to leave their projects got us thinking.


Why do Scala Developers stick with their projects more than any other?

More importantly, what could motivate them to make a change?


When we recently started working on a Scala role for a client and had to source more than double the amount of candidates we normally do for other roles, we recognised a trend. The first hint was in the rejection emails. Developers were telling us that they simply did not want to leave their current projects.


We started looking further into the types of projects that are engaging for Scala Developers and why they are so reluctant to move on from their current projects. You know; does our offer compare to those projects? And are we offering something that is even better – we need to get candidates to go through the hassle of relocation in the end.


The Scala language is great when it comes to projects involving BigData. In our case, most companies we reached out to had smart algorithms in place to make use of this data. So, Machine Learning enters the equation quite often too.


We had mentioned in our blog What Developers Want that developers are mostly drawn to companies that work with the latest technologies and are innovative. In the current market, BigData and ML are the hottest and most advanced commodities. So, you need to convince your candidates that they will continue to ride that wave in your company!


On another note; it seems that most Scala Developers have a background in Java and functional programming. Due to similarities in the root code, Java is an ideal departing point to learn Scala. If you need to get creative, you could opt for Java Developers with Scala experience. And there surely isn’t a shortage of Java Developers who wish to progress in Scala!


Here are some keywords that draw Scala Developers out:

Developers will likely consider a change as long as your team can offer:


  • Innovative and flexible technology stack
  • Projects that use data to hack every-day problems
  • Opportunities for career progression
  • Constant learning


You should also keep in mind that the developers you are looking for are probably Senior Developers with an eagerness to learn new languages and technologies and an ambition to work on big scale projects.

We have a pool of talented Scala Developers, with years of experience, eager to relocate – Send us a message to start meeting them!

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