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Are you looking to improve your software development capabilities? Do you need to test a new product idea through a PoC or MVP? 

Discover how Zartis’ experts helped Dropp define their development roadmap and build an MVP, thus getting to market as quickly as possible.

Like Dropp, you can discover the most suitable strategies for your development efforts, and get to market faster – without compromising on quality.


Client Background:

Dropp is building a faster, more convenient, and sustainable future in how consumers receive their online purchases. Dropp delivers your products to customers within 3 hours – sustainably and flexibly – using a network of hyperlocal warehouses and cargo bikes. 


The Goal:

Dropp was founded in 2021 by a highly resourceful team of founders with extensive expertise in logistics. The goal for Dropp was to set the foundations for a technical strategy, which would provide two main outcomes: 

  1. Achieve ‘Go-to-market’ as quickly as possible.
  2. Allow scalability, security and best practice in building software.


The Solution:

We were able to support Dropp by rolling out a solution in two phases. Phase 1 was focused on defining a technical strategy, and Phase 2 was building a dedicated team to deliver on the outlined blueprint.


Phase #1: High-level consulting

Zartis deployed a team of experts in areas such as software architecture, CI/CDprocess improvement, and QA. This Zartis team worked collaboratively with the leadership team at Dropp to understand the goals of the company and take those into consideration when developing the technical strategy. 

The deliverables were a technical analysis of the ‘as-is’ (current technologies in place) and the ‘to-be’ – a technical blueprint including technical stack recommendations, a roadmap in phases, and a plan to achieve resilient architecture and infrastructure. Time and cost considerations were taken into account when defining this strategy, including decisions around what to buy and what to build.

Phase #2 – Dedicated Software Developers

As a next step, we were able to provide a team of engineers, specialized in the chosen technical stack – React, Typescript, Node.js, AWS – to deliver on the outlined strategy and meet the go-to-market plan, defined by business. We have been continuously working with Dropp since, as their business and technology scales.


web and tech stack definition

Tech Stack Definition

technical strategy roadmap in black and blue

Technical Strategy

software architecture

Software Architecture

software infrastructure

Infrastructure & CI/CD

Product Development Services at Zartis

Zartis ranks among the top software consulting firms providing bespoke services across the entire software development lifecycle.

From ideation and design, to tech stack definition and implementation – our software consulting and development services are here to cover all your needs. With 50+ software teams working across a multitude of industries and technologies, we develop tailored solutions to address your specific challenges and needs.

Collaborations are set up in a flexible manner, tailored to your needs. You can benefit from our consulting services for short and long-term needs, and utilize our dedicated software development teams to execute on your strategy when needed.

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