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Talking .NET : An Online Conference for the .NET World

Talking .NET & C#

A survey by Jetbrains shows C# is ‘the most loved programming language’ and Github ranks it among the top used languages and growing in popularity. With C# comes a rich and ever-growing ecosystem of technologies that enables smooth and efficient software development for any business case.

At Zartis, we have a long-standing expertise and interest in all-things .NET. We have worked on .NET projects across medtech, e-commerce, automotive, financial services and recycling industries among others. We have implemented best practices, new tools and technologies, we’ve optimized development practices and processes, and modernized architectures.

This June, 16-18th, we are organizing a .NET Conference – ‘Talking .NET’ to enable idea-sharing, engage in debate and provide learning opportunities. Experts in the field share their knowledge and experience of new trends in the .NET ecosystem and the technical and business advantages that come with them. Each talk will be followed by a Q&A session, allowing those attending to ask questions and share their experience.


Conference Topics

  •  Testing Microservices in the .NET ecosystem

    • Piotr Litwinski, Principal Engineer at Zartis


  • Collecting business-critical information from production with Azure Application Insights

    • Michal Szymczak, Principal Engineer at Zartis


  • Actor model systems with Akka.NET

    • Mateusz Strycharski, Principal Engineer at Zartis


  • Event Sourcing with CQRS in .NET

    • Keith Redmond, VP of Engineering at Fenergo


  • Simplify your SDLC with Azure DevOps

    • Bosky Atlani, VP of Engineering at Valant

Conference Details

June 16-18th 2020

8:30 am San Francisco // 11:30 am New York // 4:30 pm London // 5:30 pm Berlin

The conference is entirely online – join us from anywhere in the world.

All talks are free, but we do have a limited number of spots available – sign up early so you don’t miss out.

Sign up for one or multiple talks – you are welcome to sign up to as many as you’d like to attend. 

To Register: CLICK HERE


.NET Reading List

Here are some additional blog posts on new trends in .NET and C# you might enjoy in the meantime:

by Angel Benito, CTO at Zartis

by David Marcio, Senior Engineer at Zartis

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