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Dedicated Software Development Teams – How To Hire A Great One

In 2023, dedicated software development teams remain the cornerstone of any business looking to grow and continually deliver high-quality software. The fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic is still pervading this sector, with remote working as integral an aspect of successful corporate models as it was in 2020 and 2021. With this in mind, it’s clear to see why dedicated software developer teams are heavily sought after. 

The benefits of these dedicated teams are not unknown. Harvard Business Review estimates that the ‘average dedicated development team is boosting productivity by 10% and is more likely to stick to the budget’. Besides, with reports suggesting that global spending on outsourcing could reach $731 billion in 2023, failing to integrate dedicated software development teams could land your business in an undesired position compared to competitors.

Yet the question still remains: how can I hire a great dedicated software development team? 

This blog post will examine the benefits of a dedicated software development team and how Zartis looks for the best talent with our on-demand software development team service


What is a dedicated software development team? 

A dedicated software development team is a group of developers who are exclusively assigned to work on a particular software development project. Unlike other models, this team remains consistent throughout the duration of the collaboration, and often for a long period of time. Dedicated team members work as part of the client’s in-house team and contribute to the software development efforts with greater integration.

This dedicated model can often comprise a variety of different roles, be it frontend, backend, and full-stack developers, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, and DevOps engineers. The great part of this is that, by outsourcing the project to a tech partner, you can enjoy a streamlined hiring process and receive dedicated developers perfectly suited to your software development needs. 


What are the Benefits of a Dedicated Software Development Team? 

Aside from finding dedicated software developers who can directly cater to the needs of your software project, there are a range of other positives: 


  • Efficient hiring process: A dedicated software development team removes the need for an extensive in-house hiring process which can free up valuable resources internally and, therefore, remove pressure from your business operations.

  • Diversification of the talent pool: A dedicated model allows you to tap into a more diverse pool of software developers and access a database with more varied perspectives and a broader range of talents.

  • Flexibility and scalability: A dedicated software development team is inherently flexible and can be easily scaled up or down depending on changing business requirements. With the burden of having to maintain a full-time in-house staff removed, the focus can be directed towards continually driving business growth.

  • Long-run cost savings: Dedicated software developers remove the need for constant recruitment and onboarding for subsequent projects. Your dedicated developers will also be getting support from your outsourcing partner in terms of work equipment, general software licenses, payroll and HR, etc. which eliminates pressure from your operations teams. Similarly, dedicated developers will work more quickly due to their exclusivity to their project, cutting down the chance of delays and thus enabling a reduced expenditure. 

  • Commitment and reliability: These teams are chosen specially for your needs, which engenders a dedication to your project and its requirements. What is more, with a strong infrastructure of talented engineers at your disposal, it’s easy to foster a long-lasting partnership of reliability as they learn about your business and long-term goals. 


How Does Zartis Hire You a Great Dedicated Software Development Team? 


We Find Great Developers

At Zartis, our talent acquisition process is encapsulated by two key areas: finding talent that can not only leverage their technical ability in the team but also combine this with a likeable personality that matches the ethos of the company. Here are some of the traits that fall into these two brackets:

1) An Innovative Mindset

The best developers are those who are always looking to streamline their workload and find new and innovative ways to carry out their daily tasks. With an eye for perpetual improvement, innovative developers should be able to research market strategies and start implementing creative solutions to complex problems. 

Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries and, therefore, it is equally important to find developers that are keen to learn and further hone their skills. Hiring dedicated software developers that are accustomed to working with agile methodologies will mean that they are far more susceptible to rapid modernisation and wide-scale change, and they will want to actively equip themselves with the skills to tackle this. 


2) Effective Communication Skills

Although the quality of individual dedicated software developers is important, so too is how they function as a team. Identifying those with good communicative abilities that actively engage in discussions, are open to feedback, and take constructive criticism in their stride is a must for us. 

By fostering a culture of transparent communication, you can ensure that all levels of the model are constantly aware of any problems and that a layer of honesty is present throughout the project’s lifespan. 


3) Technical Expertise

It’s true that the best software developers will be those that are able to easily pick up new skills and adapt to the corporate environment in which they find themselves, but it is arguably more important that they already have the prerequisite technical expertise that will enable them to hit the ground running from day 1 when they join your team. 

When looking at potential developers, we make sure that they are well-versed in the specified programming languages and up-to-date with the latest industry trends. They should also be apt for the domain they’re working in – that is, they have prior experience and knowledge of the Fintech sector, for example. 


4) A Good Cultural Fit

When tapping into a diverse pool of software developers, it is likely that there will be many candidates who are proficient in your programming languages and fit your overall tech stack. In order to extract the dedicated software developers who will lend the most value to your business, we consider those who will be the most suitable on an interpersonal level. 

It is key that they align with your company culture and can positively interact with the other talent in the team, as well as being a genuinely nice person that upholds the team’s values with motivation and commitment. Moreover, it is important that your company is the right fit for them; if your team is satisfied with the company and feels a sense of belonging and alignment with the corporation’s culture, you are far more likely to see higher employee retention rates. 


5) Attention to Quality

Although the very nature of a dedicated software development team means that they are exclusive to your project, it is also key to look for developers who value the quality of their work and want the best for the company and the project they’re working on. 

By ensuring that developers have a client-oriented mindset, we can guarantee that they will deliver value and continually meet expectations with quality work, building user-centric solutions that are tailored to the target audience. 


Onboarding at Zartis

At Zartis, we believe that the first experience in a new company is paramount, so we ensure that all employees are first onboarded to Zartis, and then subsequently onboarded to your company. 

Despite the prevalence of remote work in the sector, we at Zartis feel that all employees need to feel part of the community, regardless of geographical location.

During the initial onboarding, we will introduce the developer to a range of people, including an engagement consultant who will align the new joiner with the company ethos and key principles, corporate framework, and key points of contact, and various people within the business and technology pillars of the company who will be working closely with these team members. 

We believe that a good onboarding process will help new team members solidify their approach towards a new company. Whether it be that they decide it is a great place to dedicate themselves or that they get disengaged because their expectations were not met – first impressions count. For this reason, we start strong and we continually provide support to any new developer to ensure that they are aware of any company events, as well as offering them the opportunity to be involved in mentoring schemes and access to counseling sessions. We also boast a 280+ strong tech community where ideas and problems can be shared and brainstormed with like-minded developers.

We will also ensure that all developers are GDPR compliant, and have received the appropriate training before onboarding them to your team.


Onboarding to Your Team

This can vary depending on your requirements, but usually, our Account Managers and Engineering Managers will coordinate a seamless onboarding process for new developers. 

Whilst the hiring process is crucial, we believe that a successful onboarding and engagement process sets a precedent for high-quality performance and consistently excellent results in both the short and long term.


Key Takeaways

  • Dedicated software development teams are highly sought after and remain crucial for businesses looking to grow and deliver high-quality software.
  • Hiring a dedicated software development team can provide several benefits, including increased productivity, cost savings, flexibility, and long-term commitment.
  • Diversification of the talent pool is a significant advantage of dedicated teams, allowing access to a broader range of skills and perspectives.
  • Zartis offers a bespoke software development team service, focusing on finding great developers who fulfil important criteria, such as having an innovative mindset and effective communication skills, alongside a sound technical understanding of the requisite programming languages.
  • It is crucial to look for dedicated software developers who have a good cultural fit, ensuring that they are someone who would be beneficial to the client’s corporate ideology.
  • Zartis follows an effective tried-and-tested onboarding process, ensuring new developers are introduced to the company’s ethos, culture, and key points of contact before being onboarded to the client’s team.


Zartis: Building Truly Great Dedicated Software Development Teams to Enable Businesses to Flourish

At Zartis, we have been building dedicated development teams for our clients to help them leverage nearshore and offshore development teams to achieve their software goals. We handpick each team member for every incoming project and make sure that our clients agree on the cultural and technical fit of each candidate.

Discover your options and start building your team today. With 60+ clients across 20+ sectors, we have experience working across a wide range of technologies and industry best practices. Let’s talk.

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