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Building A Software Development Team Extension

Why would you want to set up a nearshore team for your company? We say “nearshore” because it is the most proven, cost-effective method to create an extension of your development team. Unlike offshoring, nearshore teams benefit from sharing similar time zones (9 hours or less) with their parent companies. Synchronization of ideas and faster communication all lead to the swifter execution of projects for a lower cost.

Many startups go through a similar, up-and-down cycle, until they either wind up failing or they develop a successful business model. This process of self-discovery, and finding out where a company’s role is in the market can be a turbulent time for start-ups. As soon as the start-up starts winning customers and making money, scalability is needed right away to secure bigger profits and growth.

Madrid, Spain, is the location of one of our various Zartis offices in Europe. Spain is one of the leading producers in start-ups for foreign markets and it all comes down to lower labor costs and the country’s top tech talent pool.

So How Do We Build Development Team?

It’s a great opportunity and a great time, especially for US businesses, to set up a tech hub in Europe or to have an extended development team working as an extension of theirs. At Zartis, we have successfully built extended development teams in as little as 8 weeks for US and European clients. Once we help companies define a clear scope and definition for their project, we can then rapidly establish high performing teams together with our clients, with skill sets depending on their needs. This helps companies understand the roles they need quickly and build their team fast.

In term of team size, scrum teams of 6-10 members seems to be the average sweet spot of new teams with 2 or 3 Quality Assurance Engineers, but this can depend heavily on each client and their budgets.

We take care of not only finding the candidates with the best skillset but will also screen them to see if they are a good cultural fit for your company. We take care of all your HR procedures regarding candidates, while providing legal, administrative, and accounting expertise in our location, and then provide ongoing management support for the maintenance of your team.

Finally, one of the big advantages of nearshoring as opposed to traditional offshore practices is that your development team will be located within a relatively short journey from your headquarters. Take advantage of this to regularly visit your team. This allows you to handle any technical problems on the spot and observe how your developers perform as a team. Moreover, this will ensure your team feels connected to your business as a whole.

When we develop a near shore development team, we don’t look on it as building an outsourcing
team, we’re creating an extension of the client’s development team.

Zartis has deep expertise in large-scale recruitment projects across different European locations, serving clients in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and Spain.


Email us at sayhello@zartis.com to find out how we can help you build a development team in Europe.

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