Technology for Greater Social Impact – Story of Software S02E16

May Piamenta, Co-founder & CEO at Vee, shares her experiences as an entrepreneur in the volunteering space.


The Guest – May Piamenta, CEO at Vee

May Piamenta, Co-founder & CEO at Vee, founded Vee together with her two partners, Gil and Avi, with the goal of making social impact simpler than ever. Since her teenage years, May has been passionate about volunteerism. Before founding Vee in 2019, she led a global nonprofit team, where she managed 10 million volunteers in over 32 countries. All the work was done manually, and she found existing technological solutions to be enterprise-oriented and difficult to use. So, May decided to act. 

As the world’s most innovative volunteering platform, Vee empowers everybody to act on their values. The platform includes a marketplace of verified volunteering opportunities and all the tools needed to manage volunteering activities, for both nonprofits and companies alike.  


Volunteering Platforms and Technologies

In this episode, we dive into the different challenges and opportunities in the non-profit sector, as well as growing a company in such a challenging industry.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The value that companies focused on social impact can bring in bad times
  • The challenges of growing a non-profit business through fundraising
  • Growing and operating a company as a young, female entrepreneur 
  • Hiring the right people to carry the right values forward



From a challenge perspective, what are the things that occupy your thoughts in the time ahead?
“So, the key challenge for me was shifting from a family garage startup to an actual company. This is a big shift that I think not many identify as a stage. It’s a very important stage in the growth of a company because you can be 100 people and still be a family garage startup, and you can be 10 people and act like a really strong company. So, for us, this shift was very eye opening and actually brought me to face many managerial challenges, hiring challenges, and growth challenges.”



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