Managing Transformation – Story of Software S03E17

Lisa Schnettler, an experienced CPO, talks about her career in product management, and the lessons learned leading teams through transformation.


The Guest – Lisa Schnettler, Chief Product Officer

Lisa Schnettler is an experienced Chief Product Officer with over 15 years of experience as a technology product management and development leader. Lisa specialises in building diverse teams, transforming organisations, and driving revenue through effective digital technology solutions. Having worked in organisations ranging in size, locations, and culture, Lisa brings extensive insights in how product management works across different organisations.


The Road to Successful Product Transformation

The complexities of product management and leading a team through a big transformation requires careful planning, transparency, and ethical considerations in the development and product management processes – especially when incorporating emerging technologies like AI in today’s world.

There are many factors that can make or break a transformation journey, but among the most important ones is getting your team’s buy-in. And that involves constant communication and getting their buy-in at different steps of the process, as expectations and reality are rarely a perfect match.

Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • Understanding the reasons behind the need for change
  • Key requirements for a successful transformation
  • The biggest challenges in product development



Q: What is the secret to getting buy-in from your team in times of change and business transformation?

I think, if you come through with genuine transparency, respect, and consistency, then ultimately you can start reaping the benefits, and also, don’t take the resistance personally, right? Again, everyone is resistant to change in one shape or form. So, it’s important to understand why there is resistance. Is it because they’ve already heard this three times? Are they concerned that when we talk about efficiency, we’re going to outsource their jobs? And then you either face it head on, or try to alleviate the concern if you can.


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