Text Marketing, AI, & Black Friday – Story of Software S03E21

István Kovács, CTO at Recart, talks about the role of AI in text marketing, and how companies change their marketing strategies in the lead up to Black Friday.


The Guest – István Kovács, CTO at Recart

István Kovács is the CTO at Recart, a Budapest-based text marketing company that manages your SMS marketing through the use of AI. István has over 15 years of experience working in software development and leading teams in various domains, including e-commerce, banking, insurance, and airlines. 


AI SMS Marketing and More

Imagine you’re walking through the bustling streets of Budapest, your phone pings with a perfectly timed, personalised text message about a sale on those sneakers you’ve been eyeing up. This isn’t just a coincidence, it’s the result of sophisticated AI-driven text marketing, a rapidly evolving field that’s changing the way businesses connect with customers.

From the humble beginnings of simple email tools to the cutting-edge use of SMS marketing and AI, István’s insights offer a rare glimpse into the future of e-commerce marketing. Tune in as we explore how personalised messaging is not just about selling products, but creating meaningful connections in our digital age.

Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • Industries that leverage SMS marketing 
  • Customer targeting and benchmarking 
  • The power of personalisation in SMS marketing
  • How AI can enhance SMS marketing technologies


Book Recommendations from István Kovács:

1. What You Do Is Who You Are – by Ben Horowitz

This book offers invaluable insights into building a company culture, drawing lessons from historical figures like Genghis Khan. It’s a guide to understanding how your actions and decisions shape the identity of your organisation.


2. Fundamentals of Software Architecture – by Mark Richards and Neal Ford

An essential read for anyone interested in software development, this book delves into the complexities of software architecture. It covers the crucial trade-offs and considerations necessary for effective architectural decisions.


3. Software Architecture: The Hard Parts

As a complement to the fundamentals, this book focuses on the challenging aspects of software architecture. It presents use-case-based examples to help readers navigate complex architectural scenarios.


4. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – by Patrick Lencioni’s 

 A key resource for understanding team dynamics and management, offering solutions to common team challenges.

These book recommendations by István Kovács provide valuable resources for professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge in business, software architecture, and team management.


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