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5 Must-Have Skills For Fintech Developers

Over the past year, we have had a boom of nearshore projects from various Fintech companies ranging from growing companies to ones expanding overseas. However, one common denominator is the standards they look for in their developers.

Therefore, we spoke to our fintech client Fenergo and our Nearshore Unit Manager Raquel Garcia Salvador, to get a better understanding of the top skills  companies are looking for.


1- Security

If you wish to work in a fintech software development, first thing you need to have is experience in system security. There isn’t a financial platform that does not have or wish to have extra layers of security. If you worked on something similar, than congratulations – you are one step ahead!

2- AI and Machine Learning

Did you think it was possible to have a conversation these days where AI or ML does not pop up? According to Raquel, newer companies are rolling out smart fintech solutions that feed on ML algorithms. More often we see companies that offer solutions based on analysis made by machines. It offers precision in a constantly fluctuating industry.

3- Cryptocurrencies

Having previous work experience with cryptocurrencies or even having some personal investment will help you get involved in the right conversations.

According to Raquel, Nearshore Unit Manager at Zartis, “If you are experienced with the Blockchain database, Ethereum or created DApps and smart contracts, then you might just be the perfect match for a Fintech company.”

4- Database Development

Making sound analysis starts with having a database that collects information needed by the business teams. Therefore, if you know how to develop and configure a database, you can solve problems beyond a developer’s usual capacity.

5- Attitude

We were reminded by Fenergo, our client who develops software for financial institutions, that usually it comes down to soft skills for them. The finance industry is very much based in lobbying, presenting, reporting, or communicating the progress – People with a good standing and good project management skills can overshadow others.

“Same as a developer in any other tech domain…attitude and passion” – Virginia Cano Abella, Technical Project Manager @ Fenergo

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