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Learning How to Rise to the DevOps Challenge

Irish Embassy, Madrid June 22, 2017

Our team at Zartis had the pleasure last week of hosting thought leaders of companies from the US, UK, Ireland and Spain for a lively discussion around the advent of DevOps, at the Irish Embassy in Madrid.

As guests of the Honourable David Cooney, Irish Ambassador to Spain, attendees enjoyed  vivid insights into the challenges and opportunities created by building DevOps culture within your company, with a wide variety of perspectives and experiences shared. The event was a great success, and our team at Zartis benefited from the advice proffered by Alberto, Raul and Kate from the Enterprise Ireland team in Madrid in how to deliver such an event.

Drew Burlingame, Senior Software Architect at US healthcare technology company, Valant, spoke about the challenges posed by building out a remote DevOps team from scratch, and how they have put structures in place to overcome these issues.

Chris Whitcombe, CTO of ultra-high growth fintech company, Backbase, spoke about DevOps in the context of financial services, and also how a company embarking on rapid headcount growth can use the principles of DevOps to ensure products and services are delivered faster and to a higher standard.

CTO of Madrid startup, Ontruck, Samuel Fuentes gave an entertaining and accessible presentation on the ‘Hidden Roadmap’ and the necessity of aligning people and processes for effective software delivery.

Peter Kelly, Engineering Lead for Europe at NGINX, gave a fascinating overview on NGINX’s evolution, and how they approach building tools for the DevOps world, which was of immense interest to the audience.

Opening proceedings, we had Yoann Martin, Director of Product Development at Sage People, who helped the non-engineering guests get a baseline understanding of DevOps, before sharing his insights about how an effective approach to DevOps can benefit the entire company.

Zartis is looking forward to hosting future events in cities in Europe and the United States. Please feel free to get in touch in case you would like to be involved.

If you want to view more photos from the event, click here to go to our Flickr album.

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