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Productivity slump? How to get the most out of your week


As the year’s end and the holidays season close in, productivity is about to fall off a cliff for most tech companies.

However, lots of tech companies want to squeeze a few more achievements out of the year, and if you’re in one of them, read on.

Manage your time well

This is probably the last week of the year where you can reasonably expect to get things done. You need to be ruthless in how you manage your time. Lots of customers, colleagues and other stakeholders will be enticing you to engage in decorating offices, sipping mulled beverages or mutual back-slapping about another successful year. Politely decline offers that are not vital, and stay focused on your year’s end goals. Plan each day with clear objectives in mind.

Know what you want to get out of the week

If you really want to use this week well, treat it like the sprint at the end of a long distance race. Your energy is low, the temptation is to seize up and slacken off, but you need to keep your eye trained on your destination. On Monday, make a short list of what you want to achieve. This should be goal-oriented, rather than task-oriented. Your list should realistically contain between 1 and 3 items.

Create your own rewards / motivation

Make a deal with yourself that you will treat yourself to something special if you achieve your objectives. We all respond to incentives, and even Rudolph gets a carrot. Now is the time to make a deal with yourself. If you close that deal, finish that project or otherwise clear your desk, you’ll buy yourself that pair of shoes/match tickets/iPad Pro you’ve been craving, but didn’t feel you deserved.

You owe it to yourself to make this week a great one!

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