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Successfully navigate through your toughest software challenges.
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We deliver compliance in confidence. ISO 27001 certified.
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Accelerate your vision
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Fortify your software with our experts
Unlocking the full potential of modern software
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Hire world-class software experts to help you build outstanding software

With 280+ engineers across the world, our IT consulting services can help you design high-quality software solutions quickly.

Hire world-class software experts to help you build outstanding software.

With 280+ engineers across the world, our software development consulting services can help you design high-quality software solutions quickly.

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male IT consultant at Zartis
Philip Thomas Casado

Architect & Tech Lead

10+ years of experience in backend software development, architecture and leading software projects.

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Laura Lopez - Head of QA at Zartis
Laura López

Head of Quality Assurance

Laura has 10 years of experience working in quality assurance and R&D area across a variety of projects and industries.

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software consultants
Michał Szymczak - male senior software engineer at Zartis
Michal Szymczak

Principal Engineer

Michal has 10+ years of experience in backend software development, architecture and leading software projects.

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Our software consulting services

Technical strategy

Whether you require optimisation for existing software to ensure scalability or seek to build software from scratch, our experienced team has encountered it all. We can assist you in designing tailored software development strategies and roadmaps, defining the ideal tech stack, and much more.

Software Architecture

Benefit from tailored software architecture consulting services designed to solve your problems. Our technical experts can determine the pain points in your existing architecture, and propose structural improvements.

Process Improvement

A systematic approach designed to enhance business and software development processes. Structure your teams and systems to enable a truly agile way of working. Adopt new approaches that give you a competitive edge & increased ROI.

DevOps & cloud

From optimising deployments and release processes to reducing cloud costs, our DevOps consultants have experience providing all types of SDLC consulting services. With their help, you can optimise your cloud usage, introduce new processes, or re-structure engineering teams to achieve full efficiency.

Innovation management

Leverage our innovation management services to modernise legacy systems or digitalise your customer journey from scratch. Our software consultants can help you achieve true digital transformation while saving resources and accelerating your software development.

Quality Assurance

Our QA experts have worked across an array of industries and technologies. Work with fully automated, error-free, and trackable systems. We can deliver testing strategies, provide monitoring and tooling suggestions, and more.

How we can help



Our experts work with you to understand your needs, identify your challenges, and establish how to deliver the most value to you. From discovery to delivery, we work with your team through daily & weekly meetings to remain fully aligned.



Based on what we've learned about your business, we deliver a detailed analysis, including an assesment of your current technology and set up (AS-IS), a vision of where it needs to be to enable the scaling of the business (TO-BE), and a detailed plan on how to get there.


Change management and implementation

Whether you need help with managing the transition, or require additional resources to implement the suggested solution, we can help you to execute this strategy.

Software consulting with Zartis experts

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Our software consulting services can help you find solutions quickly, decrease your time to market, modernise your tech stack or empower you to make the right architectural choices. From Cloud and DevOps to QA and Automation, our consultants specialise in all areas of software development.

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Tap into our experience. Reach your software goals efficiently.

IT consulting services case study

Dropp specialises in last mile delivery. We worked on designing a technical roadmap for Dropp, to help them build scalable, tested, and secure software.

Why Zartis

Increase quality

Access the expertise to design bullet-proof and state of the art software.

Uphold security

All of our engineers receive security training. ISO 27001 certified software development company.

Grow fast

Minimise the resources needed to start producing great software, at a fraction of the time.


Stay up to date with modern software best practices.

Get industry-specific expertise


Talk to our experts today.

Access tailored solutions, designed to solve your problems.